Mother Teresa School

Vision and Mission

We strive to provide an environment that leads the learner to excel in pursuit of knowledge and experience in an atmosphere of freedom and profound joy. The School aims to develop all the intellectual capabilities guided by the spiritual instinct to be the role models with positive outlook and adherence to ethics. Our School facilities are intended and designed to fulfill the educational aspirations of the students in accordance with the syllabi of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Our School intends to achieve excellence in the curricular and extra- curricular activities so as to mould the students into a wholesome personality inculcating in their inquisitive mind the values and morales needed for an outstanding career in life along with compassion and love for living beings. We also aim at instilling a sense of appreciation for the Indian traditions and infusing in them a sense of tolerance for other cultures and beliefs without losing sight of their identity and their roots.

We in Mother Teresa Senior Secondary School envisions towards excellence providing a high quality national and international exposure to the students of all ages and culture.