Mother Teresa School


School Uniforms

  • Black pants with white full sleeves shirt.
  • Black jogger shoes, black socks and black belt.
  • Special jacket, as would be specified, for girls from classes 6 to 12.
  • Lab Coat/ Apron for class 9 to 12.

P.T. Uniforms

  • P.T. Uniforms as would be specifying by the School.
  • House- wise Track suits & T-shirts and black jogger shoes.
  • K.G. Section:- Black pants with Red T-Shirt.


  • It is essential for every child to come to school wearing complete school uniforms on all working days. Similarly all students should wear complete & specified P.T. uniforms on all P.T. days.
  • Children coming to School habitually with incomplete uniforms will be sent back to home at the risk of parents.
  • Students wearing turbans must come with Navy Blue colored turbans and no other color will be allowed.
  • Students who are found dirty in uniform dresses or unhygienic in person will not be permitted to sit in classes.
  • If for any reason some pupils are customised to come to school for a day or two without the specified uniform, then they should get a note of satisfactory explanation from their parents, failing which they will not be permitted to sit in the classrooms.
  • Winter uniforms shall be advised separately.