Mother Teresa School

Our Chairman

Mother Teresa School Warm Greetings from Mother Teresa School Family! Being Parents, you are active partners with our endeavour to lay a strong foundation to the scholastic adaptation of your child. The Parents, being the first teachers, lays a strong foundation for the wards, upon which we support them the best possible way to achieve their dream.

Each child's future charts a different path and momentum. In order to succeed in the 21st Century we needs to provide our youths sufficient academic exposure that give fillip to them to be creative, compassionate and innovative in times that lay ahead of them. We as responsible academicians swear by ourselves the sacred task of providing a stimulating environment where young minds thrive to blossom into intelligent, mature and responsible citizens. Knowledge being the most egalitarian source of power, we strive to impart quality education to our young scholars who are key agents in the process of development and are volunteers of peace. We, at Mother Teresa School, are committed towards orienting our young scholars to be skilled, knowledgeable, holistically formulated personalities who in turn may inspire future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the industry and society.

Shri B.S Bajpai