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Physical and health education plays an important role in the adolescent mind and career of every student. Active participation in extra curricular activities not only instills confidence in the budding minds but also kindles higher educational retainment and ambitions. The chances of youths getting drifted to antisocial behaviours could well be contained if their energy is judiciously channelled to constructive fields well in time. Participation in these activities will no doubt enthuse their communication and relationship skills also.

Mainly the indoor games consist of carom, chess, badminton etc. and for outdoor games we have basketball, cricket, volleyball, football, kho-kho etc. The Physical Education Teacher and a few dedicated staff imparts necessary skills and techniques to youngsters to grow and groom themselves in a professional atmosphere. Yearly inter house sports competitions and price distributions have an overwhelming effect in the academic memory of every pupil. Your School also participates in the inter school sports competitions hosting under the aegis of the Catholic Diocese of Ghorakpur Education Society. We also encourages cultural activities in the School.

Twice in a year the school conducts medical checkups with the help of Fatima Hospital, the diocesan health and welfare center. In case of emergencies also we depend on the nearby hospital.


The School takes special care to keep the teachers abreast with latest developments and techniques available in the field to enable them to impart better education to the pupils. The teachers are exposed to yearly retraining through special seminars organised not only in the School but selected teachers are deputed to professional institutes also for updating their knowledge and it's application. They also have time to time trainings in Digital Class Rooms as well.

The students of higher classes specially class VIII, IX and X are also having seminars on moral values, career objectives, preparation for exam etc.

Both the staff and students benefit immensely out of these periodic exercises.

Sports and Games

Mother Teresa School A sound mind dwells in a sound Body”, goes an ancient adage. The types and varieties of physical activities of different ages were determined largely by the socio political, economic and religious influences of respective periods. Whether it was gymnastics and nurturing of finer qualities of beauty and grace of Athens, valorous and courageous youths of Sparta of Ancient Greece, be it the Martial Arts of China and Japan, the Kalaripayattu and Wrestlings of India, all were designed to make a ‘fit’ body for a sound mind and soul.

Eminent educationists have stressed the fundamental importance of physical activity in one's health and body. Physical education, strictly speaking, is another kind of education through physical activities, as the curricular studies are meant for sharpening the mind and intellectual faculties, while physical training forms a fit body for the mind and intellect to operate in.

Though our school is still in it's infant stage, we are all throughout trying to showcase the best physical activities, games and sports to our students. Separate periods for sports, games and physical drill etc are allotted to every class. Games like football, volley ball, cricket, basket ball, badminton, kabbadi, and Kho – kho and various other sports events are liberally promoted. In addition to the inter house annual sports and games competitions in the school, we participate in inter-school competitions conducted by The Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur Education Society also.

We are proud to inform that our students put up very courageous and impressive challenges in the inter-school games festival under the auspices of Gorakhpur Education Society.