Mother Teresa School

Admission and Withdrawals

  • No pupil of less than 3 years will be admitted to nursery. For higher classes add one year for each class.
  • No pupil will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended and in no case, shall a scholar be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.
  • If a pupil seeking admission comes from an unrecognized school his/her admission can be had, only after his/her transfer certificate is countersigned by the inspector of schools.
  • The leaving/ transfer certificate of a pupil coming from a school outside the State must be counter signed by the educational authorities of the District of the State, in which the school is situated. Once the Leaving / Transfer Certificate is got signed by the District Authority of such State, the same should further be got countersigned/ counter certified by the Principal of such former School, as the same is required for finalisation of his/her admission in this School. As this process requires more time, such students are advised to start the procedures in sufficient advance.
  • A pupil joining school for the first time must produce satisfactory evidence of his/her exact date of birth, such as a Certified photo copy of an extract from the municipal or village office records or a baptismal certificate etc.
  • Every pupil applying for admission may have to undergo the prescribed test/ interview as a rule. In the case of late admission of a pupil, the fee from the beginning of the first term shall be charged, unless otherwise ordered by the principal.
  • When the pupil is admitted on a transfer certificate, he/she shall not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her to be qualified, nor will he/she be promoted before the end of the school year.
  • Every application for a leaving certificate shall be made in writing by the parent or guardian.
  • A leaving certificate will not be issued, until all the pending fees are paid.
  • A fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate and the same will normally be issued within 3 days of the receipt of application.
  • At least one month's notice in writing is required, before a pupil can be withdrawn from the School. In lieu of such notice one instalment of fee, in addition to the fee of the month in which the application is made, will be charged. No withdrawal notice is accepted during this school vacations. In case of withdrawals during vacations the entire fees must be paid up to the end of the term.