Mother Teresa School

Subject Combination

Affiliated to CBSE , with classes from Nursery to XII the CBSE curriculum is followed. Subjects taught from VI to XII are as follows:

Subjects Taught in Classes VI - VIII Subjects Taught in Classes IX – X
S.No. Subject S.No. Subject
1 English 1 English
2 Hindi 2 Maths
3 Maths 3 Physics
4 Physics 4 Chemistry
5 Chemistry 5 Biology
6 Biology 6 History
7 History 7 Geography
8 Geography 8 Computer Science
9 Civics 9 Civics
10 Computers 10 Economics
11 sanskrit 11 Hindi/Sanskrit
Subjects Taught in Classes XI - XII
Stream Subjects
SCIENCE STREAM (with Maths) Eng. Physics Chemistry Maths Comp. Sc/PE
SCIENCE STREAM (With Biology) Eng. Physics Chemistry Biology Maths
PE/Computer Science
COMMERCE STREAM Eng. Economics Business Studies Accountancy Maths/PE/Computer Science