Mother Teresa School

Guide Lines

Recommendation to Parents

  • Parents are expected to extend the management and the staff their wholehearted support and willing cooperation in:
  • All matters pertaining to the education of their children.
  • Therefore: -
    a. Kindly abide by the judgements and decisions of the management and the staff.
    b. Lend your support in all matters of discipline and make sure that your children observe school rules and regulations with all subordination and dignity.
    c. Supervise your children's studies at home, send them to school regularly on time and help to maintain continuity in studies; also encourage them to evince active interest in the extracurricular activities of the School. It is essential for success and integration.
  • Parents are informed that occasional reports and recommendations from teachers are entered in the school calendar. They are requested to sign on them as a proof of having read them.
  • Parents are particularly expected to sign on the terminal reports or any other similar documents, as and when so required.
  • Parents and guardians are recommended to call on the principal's office at least once in each term, to ascertain from the school authorities as to what has been the conduct and progress of their ward.
  • Complaints if any, should be made to the principal and not to class teachers.
  • Students are not allowed to engage staff members of the school for private tuitions save with prior written permission from the principal. Students who engage teachers of the school for private tuitions without permission of the principal is liable to disciplinary action even to the extent of expulsions from the school.
  • The evaluation and assessment of examination answers, as well as the decision with respect to promotion of the pupil shall constitute the exclusive realm of the Principal and the Management which shall always be in the best interest of your child. We are in day to day personal knowledge of and in close touch with your child, sans personal emotions, and hence we are the best dependable judges of your child's development. We must mutually strive to maintain warm and cordial relations of which the ultimate beneficiary would be your beloved child.
  • Therefore:
  • Kindly refrain from demanding personal scrutiny of answer papers or insisting on re- valuation etc. Leave the decision of your ward's promotion to the best judgements of the school authorities.
  • Answer papers of the final exams shall not be shown to anybody.
  • Parents must understand and realise that browbeating doesn't behove of their dignity and the onus and prerogative of vital decisions like annual promotions rests with the management indisputably and that it cannot be delegated nor allowed to be usurped by anybody else.
  • No pupil will be allowed to remain absent from games and physical activities without a written note from the doctor (eft. Gen. Rule19) which is to be renewed every two months.

Recommendation to Students

  • We expect you, students: -
    a. To be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school.
    b. To be honest and truthful, whatever be the cost.
    c. To accept and welcome whatever work and responsibility is assigned to you with all cheerfulness and face difficulties with courage and determination.
    d. To be courteous and sportsman like with opposite teams and with the officials on the playground.
    e. To ensure that you are wishing your parents, teachers, masters & those you ought to wish everyday and/ or whenever you meet them.
    f. To show gentlemanly behavior always and at all places.
    h. To be gutsy to say “No” in the face of provocation or compulsion to do a thing which you think and know to be wrong.